Please Report Suspected Child Abuse +1-800-422-4453

It can be difficult to know what to do if a child discloses abuse. These are the steps you should take if a child discloses abuse or neglect to you in the state of Wyoming.

Listen to the child


Do not fill in words for the child and do not ask probing questions. If the child is having a difficult time talking, don’t help the child with words that you think the child is going to say. Allow the child to tell you in their words or in the normal ways that he or she communicates.


Tell the child you are glad they told you and that you believe him or her. Let him/her know that was not their fault and reassure the child that they are not in trouble. If the child asks you not to tell anyone, remind the child that it is your job to help keep him or her safe and you will do whatever you may need to do to keep him or her safe.
Recognize your own feelings

Recognize your own feelings

Don’t express panic or shock or be overly critical of the offender. Children are protective of people they care about, even if they are being abused.
Report Wyoming Child Abuse

Report it

Call Wyoming's Child Protective Services Reporting Line at 1-307-777-5479 to report the abuse.